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Adding Miva Merchant Licenses


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If you have Miva Merchant installed, do the following steps to add Miva licenses:

  1. Enter your admin control panel.
  2. Select Miva Merchant Licenses from the 3rd party Tools menu.
  3. Enter the numbers of purchased licenses, separating them by hard returns, in the Add new licenses here section.
  4. Click Submit Query.

The statistics and status of Miva licenses show in the Miva Merchant licenses manager section:

  • Free licenses are the licenses available to users.
  • Licenses in Use are the licenses reserved by user accounts but not yet used by any domains.
  • Installed licenses are the licenses reserved by an account and used by a domain with Miva Merchant setup.
  • Dead licenses are the licenses already used up. Such licenses can't be re-used.
  • 'Total number of licenses' include all the above licenses.

Note: Miva licenses are not transferrable between domains: a license once used for a domain can't be used by another domain. If Miva is turned off for the domain, the license acquires 'dead' status. But once Miva is turned on again for this domain, the system will activate the dead license.

You can edit Miva license number if you entered it incorrectly:

  1. Click the Change icon next to the license number.
  2. Enter a new number in the field.
  3. Click Submit Query.

To remove Miva license from the control panel, click the Delete icon.

Related Docs:   Miva Installation (Unix) Miva Installation (Windows)

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