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(version 2.09 and higher)


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Prices in your plans are net of any taxes. H-Sphere further calculates the amount to be added to the SUBTOTAL of the user invoice based on the tax value.

To adjust prices for taxes:

  1. Select Taxes in the Settings menu.
  2. On the page that appears, click the Add icon.
  3. Fill the form that appears:

    • Description: enter the name of the tax that will show in user invoices.
    • Country (in version 2.3.1 Beta): choose a country this tax applies to and choose where this tax will take effect - inside or outside the country.
    • State (in version 2.3.1 Beta): choose the state from the drop-down box if the tax applies to USA or Canada. If other, enter the one of your own. Choose where this tax will take effect - inside or outside this state.
    • Per cent: enter the tax amount. For instance, to apply a 12% VAT to your prices, enter 12.
  4. Click Submit.

To delete a tax, click the Trash icon next to the tax:

Customer's online invoices will show taxes like this:

When setting several taxes, H-Sphere calculates each of them using the same SUBTOTAL amount, not the resulting tax-inclusive amount. See the following example:

The SUBTOTAL is $14.04, the 15% XYZ tax makes up $1.30, and the 20% VAT tax is calculated using the same $14.04 (XYZ exclusive), making up $2.81.

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