Comodo SSL Manager

(version 2.4.3 and up)


Comodo SSL Manager allows you to sell Comodo InstantSSL certificates right from the H-Sphere CP. If you are a Comodo CA Web host reseller, you can enter your reseller data in H-Sphere and then turn on Comodo SSL in the plans.

If you enable Comodo SSL in the plans, your customers will get the option to buy and install Comodo InstantSSL certificates in one step without generating a self-signed certificate, forwarding it to a trusted authority, and receiving a permanent certificate in return. H-Sphere will automate the entire procedure on behalf of the end user.

As hosting administrator, you won't need to perform manual payment procedures every time a user buys a certificate. H-Sphere will do them automatically via your Comodo CA Web Host Reseller account, which your users even won't be aware of.

To enable Comodo SSL:


Step 1. Register as a Comodo CA Web host reseller:

Skip this step if you have already joined the Comodo CA Web Host Reseller Program.

  1. On your admin CP home page, go to Settings->Comodo SSL.
  2. At the top of the Your Comodo Reseller Login And Password page, click Join the Web Host Reseller Program now. You will be redirected to the Comodo CA Reseller Partners page, where you can get familiar with the Program and get registered as the reseller.
  3. Click Join the Web Host Reseller Program now at the bottom of the page.
  4. Follow step-by-step sign up process as a new Comodo CA customer. At the end of the process, your reseller account will be registered, and you'll receive your Comodo CA Web Host Reseller login and password.


Step 2. Configure prices for various certificate types:

  1. At your admin CP home page, go to Settings->Comodo SSL.
  2. Fill in the form by entering your reseller prices for each Comodo certificate type. If you leave empty any price box against any type, clients won't see it as an option when choosing a certificate type to acquire.


Step 3. Enable SSL Support in plans:

  1. On your CP home, go to Info->Plans.
  2. Press the Edit button against the plan you want to enable Comodo SSL in.
  3. On the 1st step of the Plan Edit Wizard, include SSL Module and Comodo SSL under the E-Commerce Options section:

    If you forget to include SSL Module, your clients won't be able to perform any action with regard to SSL certificates, including purchasing Comodo SSL certificates.

  4. On the 2nd 3rd step of the wizard, set fees for SSL Module resource.


Step 4. Manage your customer requests:

InstantSSL certificates won't be issued to your customers right away after they purchase them, because Comodo CA needs some time to validate their requests. It doesn't give a "success" or "rejected" response immediately and returns an "unknown status" response. When H-Sphere gets this response, it:

  • creates an entry in the list of pending jobs in Background Job System -> Async. Manager:
  • creates a background job which polls Comodo CA for a response every 4 hours.
  • Success: Once H-Sphere gets a confirmation about successful certificate issuance, it notifies the user, removes the task from Async. Manager, and sends the administrator an email with the list of all completed requests.

    Rejected: If H-Sphere gets this response, it shows this certificate issuance as rejected and cancels the billing entry.

    Async. Manager offers the following controls:

    • cancel - cancel the billing entry. Use this option if the customer decided not to buy the certificate due to the difficulties with its issuance.
    • reset - reset waiting time for a response from Comodo CA.
    • check - poll Async. Manager to get most up to date task status.

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