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CyberCash configuration

(version 2.05 and higher)


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  1. Get registered.
  2. Download file mck-3.3.1-i586-pc-linux-gnulibc2.1.
  3. Make this file executable.
  4. Run install, choose YES I ACCEPT.
  5. Set up Shared-Server installation (./configure --asp)
  6. When prompted, choose Perl as the language that you want to allow your merchants to use:
    What type of CGI scripts would you like to support? (P/C/B) [Perl]:
    • Perl - Requires Perl version 5.005 or higher;
    • C - Requires an ANSI compatible C compiler;
    • Both - Requires both of the abovementioned language compilers.
  7. Specify the location for the build-merchant script.
    As an ASP, you have the options of either allowing your merchants to install their own MCK or building it for them yourself. If you wish to allow merchants to install their own MCK, the build-merchant script needs to be copied to a directory that is in the execution path of all users. This script will give merchants the ability to setup their own configurations, and optionally install the customized configurations to their WEB server directories.

    Do you wish to copy the build-merchant script to a public location? (y/n) [n]:

  8. The Merchant Connection Kit Perl scripts refer to libraries and utilities to perform common functions. These files must be installed to a directory that is accessible to the MCK CGI scripts.

    NOTE: This directory should be a permanent location for these files. If removed or relocated at a later time, any existing merchant CGI's will no longer work.

      Where do you want to install the Perl utilities?
      > /hsphere/shared/lib/cybercash
      Directory /hsphere/shared/lib/cybercash does not exist, create it? (y/n) [n]: y
      Modifying Shared-Server utilities ...
      Installing Perl libraries and utilities.
      ASP Shared-Server Configuration complete.
    You can now customize any templates or scripts in the 'master-merchant' directory. These files will be used as a basis for building new MCK installations for your merchants.
  9. Change path to CyberCash libs in CyberCashWrapper.pl.



  1. Select CyberCash in the Add New Gateway box.
  2. Click the Add button.
  3. Fill out the form that appears:

    • Title: give a name to this CyberCash connection
    • Server: the name of the CyberCash server
    • Merchant Key, CyberCash ID, Hash Secret: once you register a CyberCash account, you are given this login info.
      Do not share it with anyone. # Sale and Auth transactions Path: # Repeat transactions Path:The security of your system could be compromised if you do.
  4. Click Submit Query

To test your transactions before you go live, get a test account from CyberCash.

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