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InterCept Configuration

(version 2.3.1 and higher)


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Make sure that the xtran.jar file is present in the /hsphere/local/home/cpanel/java_rt/ directory.

If it's not there:

  1. Contact InterCept and obtain the xtran.jar file.
  2. Put the lib file into in the directory ~cpanel/java_rt/.
  3. Restart H-Sphere.



  1. Select InterCept in the Add New Gateway box.
  2. Click the Add button.
  3. Fill out the form that appears:

    • Title: give a name to this InterCept connection
    • Server: the name of the InterCept server
    • Port: the port of the InterCept server
    • Company key: this will serve as your InterCept login
    • Security key: used for For DES/TDES encryption. This key must contain 16 hex digits. If the key is incorrect, the information will be encrypted incorrectly, and an error will be generated.
    • Terminal ID: This is the assigned ID for the device that will be performing transactions with the payment servers. Multiple Terminal IDs can be assigned per account based on the number of terminals performing transactions. A terminal can be defined as, but not limited to, a specific web site, personal computer, handheld device or card swipe terminal. If your company has multiple terminals and only one terminal is sending incorrect or fraudulent information, this one terminal can be shut down without interrupting the remainder of the terminals doing business. If a merchant does not choose multiple Terminal IDs and for any reason the ID needs to be deactivated, all terminals would be affected. It is the merchant's responsibility to request multiple Terminal IDs. This field is alphanumeric with a maximum of 15 characters.
    • Currency: the currency in which your end users will be charged
  4. Click Submit Query

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