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NTPNow Configuration

(version 2.4 and higher)


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No preparation is needed before configuration.



  1. Select NTPNow in the Add New Gateway box.
  2. Click the Add button.
  3. Fill out the form that appears:

    • Title: give a name to this NTPNow connection
    • Server: the name of the NTPNow server
    • Port: the port of the NTPNow server
    • Path: the path to the server side handler file. This can be a script or a binary file that is launched with an http request.
    • Login ID: your NTPNow login ID
    • Notification Email for VOID transactions: NTPNow doesn't support VOID transactions. Instead, H-Sphere sends a notification to this address that the transaction needs to be canceled manually through NTPNow web interface.
    • Currency: the currency in which your end users will be charged
    • AVS checkbox: AVS stands for Address Verification Service. It can be used as an additional layer of protection for merchants who wish to verify that the purchaser knows the billing address of the cardholder (in case these are two different people). This is not a very serious form of risk mitigation or fraud prevention, and yet it does give some assurance that a hacker isn't simply generating a list of valid credit card numbers and purchasing product at will. AVS simply matches the numeric portion of the cardholder's street billing address and the 5 or 9-digit zip code of the cardholder's billing address. The AVS request parameters are STREET and ZIP. The processing network verifies the AVS information, comparing a portion of the billing address from the request message with address data on file at the VIC or the issuer's center. Based on the comparison, a response will be returned which confirms whether the information matches or not. Unchecking the AVS box you configure H-Sphere to allow the transaction regardless of the response. AVS is available only for US cardholders. To provide non US cardholders CC processing, disable AVS check-up in the merchant gateway configuration.
  4. Click Submit Query

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