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Signing Up Users


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Requirements: Signups are possible only under plans available for signup!

This document introduces two ways of signing up users in H-Sphere:
- from the admin control panel
- "from the street".

The registration "from the street" can be performed by the customer from your website, without admin's interaction. The registration from the admin control panel goes through exactly the same steps, but can be performed only by the administrator.


Signing Users from Admin Control Panel

Signup from the admin control panel is also the one and only way to create accounts that are unavailable "from the street", regardless of whether they are tagged available or unavailable for signup, for instance admin and technical support accounts.

To sign up a new user from the admin control panel:

  1. Select Signup in the Signup menu:

  2. On the page that shows, click Select next to the plan for the new account:

    If the list doesn't offer desirable plan, check if it is available for signup.

  3. Signup Wizard page appears. Go through the Signup Wizard. Click arrows in the lower right corner of the page to proceed signup.
    • Enter your contact info in the form that shows (name, e-mail, address, etc.).
    • Select payment type in the drop-down box (credit card, check, online payments) or trial hosting.
    • version 2.4 and higher If you have the Tax Exemption option enabled in the Taxes submenu of the Settings menu, you may enter the valid VAT code to set tax exemption mode for your account.
    • Enter payment information: credit card numbers, expiry date and etc. - for credit cards; address where the bills will be sent - for checks.
    • Enter username and password for this account.
    • Choose the type of domain you want to sign up with (or sign up without domain).
    • Agree to charges if any and complete the creation of account.

    When you are through with the Signup Wizard, account will be either created or assigned for activation.

If you want to replace signup forms with those of your own, read the User Signup Customization guide.


Signing Up Users From the Street

To allow users to sign up directly from your website, instead of entering your H-Sphere start page, you should to put signup links on your own page.

To allow signing up users "from the street", make sure that:
- plan is available for signups;
- Plan has full access.

To find out what URL starts signup wizard for a particular plan:

  1. Go to the list of your plans in the INFO menu -> Plans.
  2. At the bottom of the page, click Signup Links and the list of links that launch signup "from the street" will appear.
    Note: To retrieve a link to a specific plan, click the "lens" icon to the left of a plan's title and copy it from the address line.
  3. Once you have signup links for plans, publish them on your website and allow users to go directly to the SignUp wizard of the chosen plan.

In case if any errors occur during user signup, H-Sphere places the account into the moderation section. Read about signup errors in the Moderating accounts guide.

Related Docs:   Moderating User Signups

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