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Viewing Signup Info


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This document shows how to track information about signups in your control panel including signup IPs (the IPs of the computers signups came from) and signup statistics.


Signup IPs

To prevent the use of fraudulent credit cards, check the IPs of the computers where signups came from against the country in the billing info. To see the signup IP:

  1. Go to Moderate in the SIGNUP menu.
  2. Click the account to view account info.
    In the Other signup information table REMOTE_ADDR entry shows this account signup IP:

Note: The section Other signup information also shows Domain Registration Billing and Owner Information. You can change it before account is created.


Signup Statistics

Signup statistics includes data about accounts created and deleted by each admin. Signups "from the street" are not included into this statistics, they can be viewed in Signup reports.

To view signup statistics:

  1. Choose Stats from the Signup menu. The following page will show:
  2. Click the underlined number in the Live accounts column to display details on these accounts.
  3. Click the underlined columns' captions to sort the entries.

The Export link under the chart enables you to save the chart data in *.csv format that is supported by numerous spreadsheet and database programs. Commas are used as delimiters.

Related Docs:   Signing Up New Users Moderating User Signups

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