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Tax Exemption

(version 2.4 and higher)


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Starting with version 2.4, your users can sign up for tax-free accounts. The mode where taxes are not calculated for an account is called tax exemption. This feature is available for users from all countries, but particularly supported by European Union members due to certain peculiarities of EEC taxation.

To exempt users from taxes in H-Sphere, administrator should:

  1. Enable tax exemption in Admin Control Panel;
  2. Set tax exemption mode during user signup;
  3. Activate user accounts with tax exemption code entered.


Enabling Tax Exemption

Tax exemption option cannot be configured individually for each plan. You can either enable or disable it globally for all your plans. To do this:

  1. Select Taxes in the Settings menu.
  2. Check or uncheck the Allow Tax Exemption box in the Optional Parameters table below the list of taxes:

  3. Click Submit.


Setting Tax Exemption Mode at Signup

To set exemption from taxes for individual user at signup:

  1. Go the the Signup menu and click the plan to signup.
  2. In the Signup wizard get to the Payment Information signup page.
  3. Enter user's own valid individual Tax Exemption Code in the corresponding field of the signup page.
  4. Proceed with usual signup procedure.

After signup, the created account is put into the list of accounts awaiting moderation, regardless of the type of payment.


Activating User Accounts with Tax Exemption Code Entered

To activate the account with tax exemption option enabled:

  1. Go to the Moderate submenu of the Signup menu.
  2. Choose the account to be moderated.
  3. In the billing section of the table that appears, find the Tax Exemption Code line:

  4. Call the corresponding tax office to verify the tax exemption code entered by the customer.
  5. According to the result of the validation, approve or reject the tax exemption code by clicking the respective link. The customer would be immediately notified by email.
    Note: If the customer has entered his or her tax exemption code incorrectly, you may edit that code by clicking the Edit icon.
  6. Activate the account by clicking the Create link at the bottom of the form.
    Note: You would not be able to activate the account until the tax exemption code is approved or rejected.

You may also approve or reject the customer's tax exemption code in the account profile:

  1. Search for the account in the Search menu.
  2. Click on the account's id link in the Account ID column.
  3. In the form that appears in the upper frame of the new page, find the Tax Exemption Code line:

  4. Approve or Reject the tax exemption code by clicking the corresponding link.

For an account where tax exemption is enabled, online invoice will look like this:

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User comments
Jun 18,
The tax exp. is not a VAT field. Having a VAT number does not give tax free transaction power. Is it too hard for H-sphere to add one modest field in the user data line to collect VAT numbers used in Europe? Do we have to really fight together in the forum or by collecting signatures to get this option?
Tax exemption codes are different from VAT number; even people without any VAT number can have tax free transactions like Embassies, People working for NATO or European Commisions...etc.

Thank you
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