Context Help Implementation


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Context help (or online help) is implemented through special templates, each with a topic header and a body. Context help files are located in the /hsphere/local/home/cpanel/shiva/shiva-templates/common/online_help directory. They have .oh extension and contain text in HTML format. Context help may be implemented in different languages.

This document explains how to add context help pages to H-Sphere interface.



  1. Create an online help file and put it anywhere inside ~cpanel/shiva/shiva-templates/common/online_help/. You can create new subdirectories for your files where necessary.
  2. Find the template where the context help icon will be added. The easiest way to find the name of the template is view html page source code. The templates you need are located in ~cpanel/shiva/shiva-templates/common/control/. More about templates
  3. Add context help function call to the template. The function call has the following syntax:

    <call draw_help("HELP_ID","LABEL")>

    If the second parameter is left empty, the default text ("Click to get help") is used. For example:

    <call draw_help("admin-emanager-l_availableforsignup","")>

    Alternatively, you can call the function that draws help PLUS gives a link to send a trouble ticket:

    <call draw_tt_help("RESOURCE_ID", "HELP_ID", "LABEL")>

    In plan creation and edit wizard templates, context help file IDs are passed with resource calls:


    <call service("asp", "hosting","","1","admin-editwizard-w_asp")>

  4. If the edited template is in * format, run make in this template's directory.
  5. Restart H-Sphere.

Related Docs:   Changing Language of Context Help

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