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External Credits

(version 2.3.1 Patch 3 and higher)


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Starting from version 2.3.1 Patch 3 (build 2.3.278), H-Sphere supports external credits, or external charges: charges exported from external billing systems.

External charges are stored in the external_credits table. The ecCron internal CP cron adds charges from external billing software to the external_credits table as the accounts' credits.

To set the time interval when ecCron is launched, you need to add the following line to hsphere.properties:


In the above example, ecCron would start every 5 minutes.

The external_credits table is created during H-Sphere upgrade and has the following structure:

CREATE TABLE external_credits (
   id int NOT NULL,
   account_id int4,
   amount float,
   created timestamp with time zone,
   description varchar(128),

Related Docs:   CP Cron Configuration

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