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Changing CP URL

(before v.2.4)


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Changing IP Address To Domain Name In CP URL

Sometimes, mostly when you have just installed H-Sphere, you receive the following error while trying to access your Control Panel by domain name:

Control Panel Error
You have entered invalid control panel location. Please enter your account login and password.

In this case, you need to change your hostname to your CP domain name instead of the IP address:

  1. Log into your CP server as the cpanel user:
    su - cpanel
  2. Edit the hsphere.properties file:
    vi ~cpanel/shiva/psoft_config/hsphere.properties
    In the CP_HOST field, enter the domain name instead of the IP address.
  3. Restart H-Sphere.

Changing Entire CP URL

A typical H-Sphere control panel URL looks similar to
example.com   is the domain name,
psoft/servlet   is the mount point,
psoft.hsphere.CP   is the servlet name.

  1. Login to CP server as the cpanel user:
    su -
    su - cpanel

  2. Changing SERLVET NAME
    1. Edit the ~cpanel/apache/conf/jserv/zone.properties file.
    2. Find section "# Servlet Aliases" and add the line
      servlet.yourname.code = psoft.hsphere.CP
      servlet.cp.code = psoft.hsphere.CP
      servlet.example.cp.code = psoft.hsphere.CP

      This will allow you to use cp, or example.cp instead of psoft.hsphere.CP.

  3. In the file ~cpanel/apache/conf/jserv/jserv.conf, replace all instances of '/psoft/servlet' with the new mount point. This will make the old URL unavailable.

    If you don't change your old mount point, you may have problems with double billing when users log into H-Sphere with both new and old mount points in URLs!
  4. Changing CP domain name
    Edit the ~cpanel/shiva/psoft_config/hsphere.properties file:
    CLIENT_CP_URL = cp

    CP_URI = /cp

    DOWNLOAD_URI = NEW_MOUNT_POINT/psoft.hsphere.Downloader
    DOWNLOAD_URI = /psoft.hsphere.Downloader
    You can also add another servlet alias for psoft.hsphere.Downloader servlet, see above for more details.

    UPLOADER_URL = NEW_MOUNT_POINT/psoft.hsphere.Uploader
    UPLOADER_URL = /psoft.hpshere.Uploader

    CP_HOST = example.com
    Again, you can setup another servlet alias, to change it as well.
  5. In /hsphere/local/home/cpanel/shiva/shiva-templates/index.html, change line
    <a href="/psoft/servlet/psoft.hsphere.CP">Control Panel</a>
    to specify the correct location of H-Sphere.
  6. Restart H-Sphere.

Related Docs:   Changing CP URL (v.2.4 and up)

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