Fixing FrontPage Extensions


This document helps you to configure FrontPage extensions for sending email. It's recommended for users of FrontPage 5.0 and higher.

To install the fix:

  1. Log into your control panel server as root.
  2. Unpack the fix:
         tar -zxf frontpage_fix.tgz
  3. Change dir to where you have unpacked the fix:
         cd frontpage_fix
  4. Install the fix:
    • If you want to install the fix and use default settings from file, run:
      make install
    • If you want to use different values, follow these steps:
    1. configure install by running:
      make boxes
    2. edit file fp_mail.txt for MailSender and MailReplyTo options;
    3. edit file smtp_host.txt for SMTPHost option;
    4. install this fix with your custom settings by running:
      make fp
  5. Tell your customers to click the Fix Frontpage icon in their control panels.

Note: For more details, please read Microsoft documentation.

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