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Migrating H-Sphere Control Panel


This document provides a general outline on how to migrate H-Sphere Control Panel to a different server. This is a basic one-to-one server migration, which doesn't involve any other servers. If you need a more complex migration, please request it from our support team.

This instruction doesn't give file/directory locations for FreeBSD, because Linux is the recommended operating system for the CP server.

Please be prepared that copying data between servers may take a long period of time.


Step 1. Prepare for migration

  1. On the target server, install the latest stable version.
  2. On the source server, update to the latest stable version.
  3. Make sure the source and target servers have the same versions of all software packages.
    For example, make sure that the target server has the same version of PostgreSQL as the source server.


Step 2. Move system data

  1. Log into the target server as the cpanel user.
  2. Copy files and directories in the table below from the source server to the target server with the rsync utility:
    File/Directory Content Description
    ~postgres/ H-Sphere system database and SiteStudio databases
    ~cpanel/apache/etc/ Apache configs, including SSL certs for master admin and resellers
    H-Sphere knowledge bases
    ~cpanel/shiva/custom/ Custom H-Sphere templates etc.
    ~cpanel/shiva/shiva-templates/IMAGES/ H-Sphere images
    ~cpanel/shiva/psoft_config/ H-Sphere configuration files
    /hsphere/shared/SiteStudio/psoft_config/ SiteStudio configuration files
    /hsphere/shared/SiteStudio/var/websites/ SiteStudio websites

  3. Stop H-Sphere CP on the target server.
  4. Stop H-Sphere CP on the source server.
  5. Repeat the rsync command for each of the above directories to synchronize any changes made while you were copying the data.


Step 3. Change IPs on the target server

  1. Switch the IPs of the source and target servers. To do this, you'll need to run the setup utility on each of the two servers.
  2. Reboot both source and target servers simultaneously to avoid having the same IP on both servers.
  3. Restart the router.
  4. Start H-Sphere CP on the target server.

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