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PGP Encryption in Trouble Tickets

(version 2.4 and higher)


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From HS 2.4, PGP encryption mechanism is implemented in H-Sphere trouble ticket system to encode and decode secure parts of TT messages.

PGP encryption is implemented on the basis of the Cryptix package. Cryptix is a Java implementation for OpenPGP. Cryptix jar files should be located in the ~cpanel/shiva/java_rt directory and their names should be included into CLASSPATH:


Generating PGP Public Key and PGP Private Key

To generate a pair of PGP public and private keys, use any PGP encryption program. Or, you may use the KeyPairGenerator Java tool integrated into H-Sphere:

java psoft.hsphere.tools.KeyPairGenerator
   -i "This is a main identification string"
   -s "identification_string_for_ subkey"
   -e "PGP_Code_Phrase"
   -prf "/path/PGP_Private_Key/file"
   -pcf "/path/to/PGP_Public_Key/file"

Enabling PGP Encryption In Your Support Center

Set PGP Private Key and PGP Code Phrase in the Settings/Tech Support menu in the admin panel to be able to decode encrypted texts directly from TT Administration Center.

Encrypting Texts With PGP Public Key

PGP Public Key should be made available to customers to encrypt their messages.

Information may be encrypted by means of the PGPEncrypter Java tool in H-Sphere:

java psoft.hsphere.tools.PGPEncrypter
   -m "This is a message to encrypt"
   -f "This is a file where encrypted phrase will be saved"
   -k "/path/to/PGP_Public_Key/file"

Using Encrypted Parts in Trouble Tickets

The following example represents the completely formed message with encrypted information:

information is beyond -----BEGIN PGP MESSAGE-----
Version: Cryptix OpenPGP 0.20030205

-----END PGP MESSAGE----- the invisible

In the CP trouble ticket center this message will be displayed as:

information is beyond ----BEGIN PGP MESSAGE----secure information----END PGP MESSAGE---- the invisible.

In order to read the encrypted information, click on the link Click here to access encrypted information. Decrypted information would appear in a separate window.

The ticket's encrypted part would not be revealed in the reply message received by the customer:

======== CUT HERE =========
Your support request was answered:

Created: Feb 11, 2004 3:27:45 PM
Last Mod: Feb 11, 2004 3:28:02 PM

Assigned To: admin(Admin Account1)

[Feb 11, 2004 3:28:46 PM]
A: Hello

[Feb 11, 2004 3:27:45 PM]
Q: information is beyond | secure information | the invisible.

To learn more about encrypted messages in trouble tickets, please refer to the Providing Customer Support documentation in Administrator Guide.

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