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PHP Imap Compilation


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This document describes how to compile php IMAP support. Please don't treat it as a complete and prescriptive manual. Different versions and platforms may require additional steps or packages, and we recommend that the compilation is performed by a qualified system administrator. You may also use our services.

  1. Log in as root:
    su -
  2. Download IMAP installation
  3. Untar the package:
  4. Enter the source directory:
  5. Create a symlink for SSL:
    # [ -d /usr/local/ssl ] || ln -s /usr /usr/local/ssl
  6. Build the package.
    Linux RedHat ES3:
    # make lrh EXTRACFLAGS="-I/usr/kerberos/include"
    Linux RedHat 7.x:
    # make lrh
    # make bsf
  7. Change file permissions:
    # chown root:root `find ./ | grep ".*.h$" | xargs` c-client/c-client.a
    # chown root:wheel `find ./ | grep ".*.h$" | xargs` c-client/c-client.a
  8. Install the lib and include files:
    # mkdir -p /hsphere/shared/lib
    # mkdir -p /hsphere/shared/include/c-client
    # cp -f c-client/c-client.a /hsphere/shared/lib/
    # cp -f src/c-client/*.h /hsphere/shared/include/c-client/
    # cp -f c-client/linkage.h /hsphere/shared/include/c-client/
    # cp -f src/osdep/unix/*.h /hsphere/shared/include/c-client/
    # [ -f /hsphere/shared/include/c-client/osdep.h ] && \
    rm -f /hsphere/shared/include/c-client/osdep.h
  9. Create the osdep.h link:
    # ln -s /hsphere/shared/include/c-client/os_slx.h \
    # ln -s /hsphere/shared/include/c-client/os_bsf.h \

Related Docs:   PHP Compilation Imap Server Installation

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