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Recreating Unix Hosted H-Sphere Servers

(version 2.4.1 Patch 3 and up)


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This document explains how to recreate H-Sphere physical servers with H-Sphere services, users, and resources on a particular non-CP Linux/Unix box. For the CP server, see Recovering Control Panel. Servers are recreated on empty machines with a newly installed operating system.

See how to recover H-Sphere services (logical servers). if you need to restore:
* only certain crashed services on a live box
* a server on H-Sphere older than 2.4.1 Patch 3
* a box running CP and other servers such as web or mail (e.g. one-server installations)

Servers are recreated by means of a Perl script inluded into H-Sphere distributions starting with version 2.4 Patch 3.

You must have all user content and configuration files backed up.

  1. Prepare the server

    To start the recreate, you need to set up a clean server with the IP address of the server you are recreating and prepare it for H-Sphere installation.
    We don't recommend setting up updated versions of integrated party software at this point. Please stick to the original versions.

  2. Download the installer

    Download and untar the installer of the H-Sphere version you were running on the crashed server. See the list of H-Sphere versions.
    If you already have an older version of hsinst.tgz in the current directory, please remove or rename this file before the download.

  3. Run the recreator

    Run the recreator on the CP server as root:

    It will allow you to select the server to recreate, and will take you through the recreation wizard. Once it finishes, the server will be up and running.
  4. Restore user content

    If you are recovering servers with user content, such as web, mail, or mysql, postresql, you need to restore user content from backup. This is not necessary for DNS servers.

    To restore data from the backup, check with the backup and recovery list for for this server. Restore listed directories from /var/backup/<ARCHIVE>.tgz or custom backup directory into the appropriate locations. More on backup recovery

Related Docs:   Restoring H-Sphere from Backup Recovering Control Panel Recovering Winbox

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