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SSH Keys Generation for H-Sphere Servers


H-Sphere Control Panel interacts with its Unix-based servers via SSH protocol. For user to have permanent access to H-Sphere remote servers and to log into them automatically without entering password each time, the access keys to the CP box should be copied and added to each H-Sphere server.

Normally, H-Sphere does this automatically during installation. However, sometimes there is a need to generate SSH keys anew. This document will guide you through the process of generating SSH keys on the CP box and adding them to each H-Sphere server.

  1. Enter the CP box as root and then log in as the cpanel user:
    # su -l cpanel
    Generate ssh keys on the CP box for cpanel user by the following two commands (passphrases must be empty):
    # ssh-keygen -t rsa1
    # ssh-keygen -d
  2. Place the public OpenSSH cpanel user keys into the /root/.ssh folder on each box.
    You can find them on your CP box in the ~cpanel/.ssh/identity.pub and the ~cpanel/.ssh/id_dsa.pub files.
    Insert the keys from these files into the /root/.ssh/authorized_keys and the /root/.ssh/authorized_keys2 files correspondingly on each H-Sphere box.

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