PHP Installation on Winbox

(H-Sphere 3.0; outdated in H-Sphere 3.1+)


Note: PHP package should be installed after H-Sphere installation.

During the PHP package installation procedure, you will be prompted to specify SMTP settings for PHP (if there is something missing). Then PHP installer will perform the following actions:

  1. Install PHP files in <>\3rdparty\PHP\<version> directory, where <> is the path to directory and <version> is the installed PHP version, e.g. C:\HSphere.NET\3rdparty\PHP\4.4.2
  2. Create correct php.ini file in the installation directory (mentioned above). If there is other php.ini file found (e.g. at windows directory), then new php.ini file will be based on it.

Step 2. Restart H-Sphere:

net stop hsphere
net start hsphere

Step 3. (for HS 3.0 +, before 3.1) Create and allow PHP in Web Service Extensions. For this:

  1. Open IIS manager and go to IIS->Web Service Extensions
  2. Add a new Web Service Extensions
  3. Complete Web Service Extensions window with the necessary information:
    • as an Extension Name type HSphereExtensions
    • as Required files->Add->Browse path to php.exe of newly installed H-Sphere Package:
      - for PHP4.x.x version, add php.exe, e.g.:
      - for PHP5.x.x version, add path to php5wrapper.exe and php.exe, e.g.
  4. Set extension status to Allowed. For this, click on a respective button and confirm.

Important: do not delete the <> directory if it contains any of the packages installed. If you want to uninstall H-Sphere, uninstall all H-Sphere packages first.

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