Apache 1.3.28 and Bind 8.4.1 Update

This document explains how to update to the PSoft build of Apache 1.3.28 and Bind 8.4.1 for any version of H-Sphere. The update includes three scripts:

  • apache-cp - the Control Panel server
  • apache-webbox - all web servers
  • apache-weblite - mail servers only

One server installations need only apache-cp and apache-webbox.

Aside from apache and bind, the script also updates a few other packages.


Operating Systems

The upgrade is available for RedHat 7.2, RedHat 7.3, and FreeBSD 4.5, 4.7 and 4.8. It hasn't been tested on other operating systems.


Upgrade procedure

This procedure explains how to install 1.3.28 apache upgrade on all servers with standard apache installations, including control panel server, web servers, and mail servers. Once you complete the below steps on the control panel server, don't repeat them on the web and mail servers.

  1. Log into your control panel server as root:
    su -
  2. Unpack the contents of the downloaded archive:
    tar zxf u-hsphere.tgz
  3. Enter the unpacked directory:
    cd u-hsphere
  4. If you (1) don't have custom apache modules and (2) don't use Tomcat, simply install the update:
    and you're done.
    Alternatively, you can execute the updates step by step using the update.sh script. Run ./update.sh --help for more info.



The old apache data is backed up into the /hsphere/local/backup directory:
mail-apache-TIMESTAMP - for webmail apache
apache-TIMESTAMP - for apache
cpapache-TIMESTAMP - for cp apache
where TIMESTAMP is unix timestamp of when the update was perfomed.


Resolving Possible Problems

Most problems related to apache update can be resolved as follows:

  1. Download the new package.
  2. Uninstall the old package.
  3. Install the new package.

This won't rewrite the old apache configuration data.

The upgrade of webserver apache may cause a php error similar to the following:

Syntax error on line 22 of /hsphere/local/config/httpd/httpd.conf:
Cannot load /hsphere/shared/apache/libexec/libphp4.so into server:
Shared object "libintl.so.4" not found
/hsphere/shared/apache/bin/apachectl startssl: httpd could not be started

The simplest solution is to recover the previous libphp4.so module from the backup:

# cp /hsphere/shared/apache/libexec/libphp4.so
# cp /hsphere/local/backup/apache-/libexes/libphp4.so

and start the apache web server again. This will update apache, but you'll use the old version of php.


List of Updated Packages

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