hsphere-mail2-all3 Upgrade

hsphere-mail2-all3 is an update to the H-Sphere mail system. This version introduces the following features and updates:

  • ClamAV 0.71 update
  • User-defined badmailpattern and badmailtype DBs to process user-defined blacklists during SMTP session, as alternatives to respective server level databases
  • CRAM-MD5 type of SMTP authentication
  • clamav and spamd filtering for incoming mail with inexistent destination mailboxes, using antispam/antivirus settings for the catchall mailbox
  • Fix auth plain authentication and rare "control die 4.3.0" output
  • Enabling/disabling qmail extensions in a single file /var/qmail/control/options
  • queue-fix utility added to the installation package
  • SMTP server now also listens on mail message submission port 587 ("msa" in /etc/services).
  • ClamAV logging via the syslog local4 facility.
  • Added spamcontrol extensions at the server level and at the remote IP level:
    * splithorizon - switch filtering on/off only for SMTP sessions that don't have RELAYCLIENT variable defined
    * helodnscheck - switch domain name checks on/off for HELO/EHLO commands
    * badhelo - analog badmailpatterns for HELO/EHLO commands

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