hsphere-mail2-all-8 is an update to the H-Sphere mail system for H-Sphere 2.4.1 Beta 1 and up to 2.4.1 RC 1. This version is included into and automatically installed with 2.4.1 RC 2 update.

Note: For H-Sphere 2.4, the same features and fixes are introduced in the hsphere-mail2-all-4.1 package.

NOTE: If you have H-Sphere version from 2.4 and up to 2.4.1 RC 1 and don't wish to update to 2.4.1 RC2 and up, you may update H-Sphere mail manually for your current version:
Upgrade (HS 2.4.1 Betas and HS 2.4.1 RC1) | Upgrade (HS 2.4)

hsphere-mail2-all-8 introduces the following features, updates and fixes:


  • ClamAV 0.75.1 update;
  • SpamAssassin 2.64 update to fix the Denial of Service vulnerability .

Fixes (only for HS 2.4.1 Beta 1 and up):

  • Fixed the problem with SMTP server slowing down and freezing eventually, with appearance of spamc zombi processes;
  • Provided spamd's reliable work with white lists.

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