Dedicated Servers' MRTG In/Out Traffic Calculation Fix

H-Sphere versions:   2.5.0 Patch 1

In H-Sphere 2.5.0 (Final) release, we mistakenly assumed that a network switch counts traffic going from a server through a switch port as outgoing. Instead, the switch treats this traffic as incoming for the port, whereas the traffic from the port to the server, as outgoing.

We have fixed MRTG inverse in/out traffic calculation problem by including a "-" sign at the beginning of the Target configuration line (in MRTG config files).

To apply a fix, re-create Network Switch Interfaces for each dedicated server in use. For this:

  1. Delete already existing interface(s): go to Dedicated Servers->Manage Servers menu of your Control Panel. Choose the server, and click on the Trash icon(s) in the Network Switch Interface field.
  2. Create new Network Switch Interface(s) with the same parameters as the deleted one(s) had.

For dedicated servers not in use, correct MRTG configs will be created as soon as they are taken by end users.

Note: in case you do need the reverse in/out traffic, add the following line to the psoft_config/ file:


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