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Revised: July 06 17:29:01 2001

17 Sep 2001 SiteStudio 1.52 is out.
This version included several new designs, minor improvements and patches that have been written since the release of version 1.51

06 Jul 2001 Old design layouts optimized.
Old design layouts have been optimized for better performance, and their appearance has been slightly improved. The older sites with these templates can benefit from these improvements by just being re-published from SiteStudio.

04 Jul 2001 Counter plugin improved.
The last plugin, Counter, was improved to work under any DBMS, for example MySQL. Before this, Counter could work only under PostgreSQL.

20 Jun 2001 SiteStudio 1.51 release now available.
The interface has been improved. Now it became more intuitive and user-friendly.
GuestBook and WebPoll plugins were improved to work under any DBMS, for example MySQL. Before this, they could work only under PostgreSQL.
Small Business category added.
12 new designs created for the Small Business category.

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04 Mar 2000 Bugfix Release SiteStudio 1.0.1.
Fixed cache problem with IE that prevented from reloading pages in some circumstances
Fixed problem with .HTAccess that made websites inaccessible after you restart your site
Fixed problem in 'Stylish Layout' where central table had incorrect color

04 Mar 2000 NT installation package available for download here
This version of SiteStudio is preconfigured for single-user operation, designed for those who wish to change the existing or develop new templates or just try SiteStudio out. The package is extremely easy to set up and is designed to allow you to start up in 10 minutes.

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