Updating SiteStudio to 1.6 Patch 1


  • Do not apply the patch to SiteStudio 1.6RC3 or earlier versions, only SiteStudio 1.6 Final.
  • Owners of H-Sphere-integrated SiteStudio can apply this patch to SiteStudio folder (/hsphere/shared/SiteStudio/) the same if their H-Sphere version includes SiteStudio 1.6 Final (e.g. H-Sphere 2.4.1 Beta 1).

To apply the SiteStudio 1.6 Patch 1:

For SiteStudio on Linux:

Note: You must perform these actions under the account your SiteStudio is run under.
  1. Go to SiteStudio directory:
    cd /home/SiteStudio
  2. Unpack it:
    tar xfz 1_6_patch_1_update.tgz
  3. Restart ImageMaker:
    ./imaker.sh restart

For SiteStudio on Windows®:

  1. Go to SiteStudio directory.
  2. Unzip downloaded file.
  3. Close SiteStudio console.
  4. Run SiteStudio again (click the studio.bat file).

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