Updating SiteStudio to 1.6 Patch 1


  • Do not apply the patch to SiteStudio 1.6RC3 or earlier versions, only SiteStudio 1.6 Final.
  • Owners of H-Sphere-integrated SiteStudio can apply this patch to SiteStudio folder (/hsphere/shared/SiteStudio/) the same if their H-Sphere version includes SiteStudio 1.6 Final (e.g. H-Sphere 2.4.1 Beta 1).
  • If you request SiteStudio 1.6 installation or download 1.6 Final after August, 26, you will get 1.6 Patch 1 included.

To apply the SiteStudio 1.6 Patch 1:

For SiteStudio on Linux:

Note: You must perform these actions under the account your SiteStudio is run under.
  1. Go to SiteStudio directory:
    cd /home/SiteStudio
  2. Download the update script or run:
    wget http://sitestudio.psoft.net/downloads/1_6_patch_1_update.tgz
  3. Unpack it:
    tar xfz 1_6_patch_1_update.tgz
  4. Restart ImageMaker:
    ./imaker.sh restart

For SiteStudio on Windows®:

  1. Go to SiteStudio directory.
  2. Download the update script into that directory.
  3. Unzip downloaded file.
  4. Close SiteStudio console.
  5. Run SiteStudio again (click the studio.bat file).

If you want to request this update from us, contact support.

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