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Setting Up SiteStudio On-line Demo (with H-Sphere)

Note 1: Don't use these instructions to set up SiteStudio demo on any servers other than the H-Sphere control panel server.

Note 2: H-Sphere 2.4 and higher includes SiteStudio demo available at http://<SiteStudio address:SiteStudio port>/demo/

This instruction explains how to set up a SiteStudio demo similar to ours on an H-Sphere server.

  1. Log into the H-Sphere control panel server as root.
  2. Download the script:
  3. Run the script:
  4. The script will create the necessary directories, the file for the demo, and a new zone ( for jserv.
  5. Restart H-Sphere.

Now you can start your on-line SiteStudio demo and access it at the following URL:
http://<your IP or domain name>/demo/servlet/psoft.masonry.Builder

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