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Here you will learn how to set the default interface language. Default language is the language of newly created accounts, including navigation menu, form and control labels, context help, and system messages. However, every user can override the default language with one of those available in the user control panel.

Important: don't confuse the default language with the Language of your admin account (Admin User menu). For example, you can set Default Language to English and your account's language from the Admin User menu to Spanish.

Currently H-Sphere comes with the following languages: English, Russian, Italian, French, Spanish, Dutch, German and Portuguese.

Default language affects the default regional settings. You can set custom currency or currency pattern, but mind that they will be lost once you change to another language.

To change the default language:

  1. Go to Default Language in the Look and Feel menu.
  2. Select language from the drop-down box.
  3. Click Submit to save changes.
  4. Proceed to Regional Settings configuration.

Changes of the interface language will affect control panels of your direct end users and resellers. In their turn, resellers can make their own changes that will take effect in all the resellers' end users control panels.

Related Docs:   Adding New Languages (Customization Guide) Regional Settings

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