Limiting Resources


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To limit users in resources they can buy, set MAX units in the plan settings:

  1. Select Plans in the INFO menu.
  2. On the page that appears, click RESOURCE.
  3. Select Edit next to the resource you want to limit.
  4. In the Max field, enter the maximum of this resource you allow per one customer in this plan. For example, if you set Max disk space to 200, no single user of this plan will be able to set disk space quota higher than 200 MB.

Summary Disk Usage and Summary Traffic are also controlled by corresponding limits. Users set their Summary Disk Usage, Summary Traffic and MySQL database limits based on how much traffic and disk space they are going to use, and pay for this amount at the recurrent price. If they exceed this limit, they pay for the excess at the usage (overlimit) price. You can't stop them from using more traffic or disk space by setting the Max value.

For example, if you set 10 GB MAX for traffic, you allow customers to raise their traffic limit up to 10 GB/month. This, however, won't keep them from exceeding this limit, so a good decision would be to set a high overlimit price.

If setting higher overlimit prices doesn't agree with your price policy, you can configure the system to automatically suspend customer accounts when they use more traffic than allowed. To do this, go to Settings->User warnings. On the screen that shows up, set the percentage of user predefined limit, reaching which their accounts will be suspended.

Related Docs:   Introduction to Billing

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