Introduction to Billing


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One of H-Sphere's biggest assets is that it provides fully automated billing for credit card payment accounts. It also supports other types of payments including check payments, web payment systems, wire transfers, etc. This document provides a quick overview of all billing features in H-Sphere.



Hosting resources and services are sold in plans, each having its own price scheme. In plan settings, the administrator needs to set:
- which resources will be available in the plan;
- prices, free units, and max units for each resource;
- credit limit, moneyback period, billing type, etc.
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The system charges users three types of fees:

  • Setup: only when a user purchases a resource.
  • Recurrent: at the beginning of the billing period or billing month.
  • Overlimit: for resources used beyond the pre-paid limit (e.g. summary disk space usage, traffic, etc.).


Limiting Resources

You can include a certain amount of free resources in a plan. If need arises, users can get more, until they reach the maximum amount of resources you have allowed them to have. For instance, you can include 5 free mailboxes in the plan and allow users to have no more than 10 mailboxes.   More >>

Usage of some resources, such as disk space and traffic, can be controlled additionally by resource limits. A user can exceed a resource limit, but every excess unit is charged at the overlimit price. You can configure H-Sphere to send warnings and suspend accounts when users approach or exceed traffic or disk usage limit.   More >>


Debiting Accounts

You can debit (take money from) individual accounts. Accounts are debited manually when you need to charge your customers extra amounts.



Actual use of traffic cannot be physically restricted, but can be regulated by charging higher prices for overlimit traffic consumption. At the beginning of the billing period customers pay for traffic they expect to run up. If they go over this pre-paid limit, they are charged for the excess gigabytes at the overlimit rate at the end of each billing month regardless the duration of the billing period.   More >>


Disk Space

H-Sphere offers two approaches to paying for disk space. Disk Space Quota is used to charge users for booked disk space. Web, mail, and database resources take separate quotas within the same account. Disk quota can't be exceeded, but users can raise it if they need more disk space. Summary Disk Space is used to charge users for actually used disk space. With summary disk space, users can exceed disk space limit, and pay for excess megabytes at the overlimit rate at the end of each billing month regardless the duration of the billing period.   More >>


E-mailing Invoices

When creating plans, you choose whether you want H-Sphere to e-mail invoices to users immediately after they buy resources. With e-mail invoicing on, customers will receive invoices for every single bill entry, e.g. overlimit traffic. With e-mail invoicing off, customers will get no invoices, even at the end of the billing period. After signup, users can change this option for their accounts. More >>



Starting with H-Sphere 2.4, you can apply promotions to plans. You can give a promo code to eligible users to offer them a discount. Or you can create an unnamed promotion that will apply to all accounts under this plan for a specified period of time, for instance the month before Christmas.   More >>

Related Docs:   Creating And Editing Plans

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