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Oftentimes, you will need to send emails to multiple users, e.g: newsletters. Mass mail feature allows to send one message to a number of users.

To send a newsletter to a group of customers:

  1. Click the Mass Mail link at the bottom of the search results page:

  2. Compose the message or choose the system notification template:

    • From: enter one of your e-mail addresses to send the message from.
    • Use charset from settings: message encoding will be set based on the language selected by the customer.
    • Use Message Templates: check this box to send system notifications. In this case, any info you enter in the message body will be ignored.
    • Autoinserts: Use this feature to convert your mass mails into personalized letters. When composing a mass mail, insert generic variables that will be replaced with individual recipient's name, e-mail address, etc.
    • Subject: enter a subject of the message.
    • Message: enter a message to be sent to all customers. Remember: if you use message templates, this message will be ignored.
    • Spellcheck: allows checking your mail messages for spelling. To do it:
      1. Click the spellcheck link under the message field. Pop-up window shows with misspelled words, if any, being underlined:
      2. Point your mouse to a misspelled word and a number of suggestions shows.
      3. Choose correct variants and click Done.
    • Send the message as: Select HTML to apply formatting to your message, e.g.:
      <i>text in italic</i><br>
      <b>text in bold</b>
      <li>unordered list (bullet)</li>
      <li>unordered list (bullet)</li>
    • One Message Per Email Address:
          -Yes - only one message will be sent to an address, regardless of how many accounts use it.
          -No - the message is sent to every account's e-mail address even if it is the same for different accounts.

  3. Click Send to send the message.

Related Docs:   Editing E-Mail Notifications Reports

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