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Plan settings on the Plans page allow to configure template locations, payment intervals and promotions.

To access plan settings:

  1. Enter the admin Control Panel and select Plans in the Info menu.
  2. Click the Settings icon in the Advanced section for the target plan.
  3. On the page that shows you can manage the following options:
  4. This page is reserved for H-Sphere development and debugging and should not be used in production control panels.
  • Plan Name: this is the only place where you can edit the name of the plan.
  • Default Template defines the page that opens when a user logs into the control panel. To specify a custom page, enter the file name and the path relative to the template directory. If your template works incorrectly, you can remove it to return to the system defaults.
  • Template Directory specifies the name of the directory with templates used by this specific plan. If a template is not found in this directory, the system takes generic H-Sphere template with the same filename.

    For example, you have a plan called 'SPECIAL', where the Template Directory parameter is set to special/ and the current skin is set to 'No Menu'. When the system tries to find, for instance, the design/login. html template, it will first scan the ~cpanel/shiva/shiva-templates/nomenu/replacements/special/design/ directory, and if fails, it moves on to the ~cpanel/shiva/shiva-templates/nomenu/design/ directory in search of this template.

    As seen from the above, the Template Directory parameter is NOT used for creating custom templates. Instead, when a new plan is added to the system, plan-specific templates are placed in this directory. Besides that, when you customize H-Sphere templates, you should check the replacements/ directory of each design location for plan-specific templates and customize them if necessary.

Promotions management: assign flexible discounts to the particular plan. One plan can have several associated promotions.

  • Custom Values: menuId: in H-Sphere, each plan type has its own corresponding menu configuration. We use the menuId variable to specify the menu type. These are the standard menu types for the corresponding H-Sphere plan types:
    unix - Unix plan;
    admin - Admin plan;
    ttadmin - Trouble Ticket Admin plan;
    bill - Billing plan;
    reseller - Reseller plan;
    winduz - Windows plan;
    real - Real Server plan;
    mysql - MySQL Only plan;
    email_only - E-Mail Only plan;
    vps - VPS plan.
  • Note: Menu customization should be done very carefully, according to the Menu Customization Guide.

    If you set an incorrect value to menuId or leave this field empty in the form, the left menu in your Control Panel won't show up!

  • Add custom value: don't add them unless you definitely know how to use them.

Related Docs:   Plan Controls Creating And Editing Plans

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