Creating VPS Plans


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VPS plans, similarly to regular plans, are created with Plan Creation Wizards. To create a VPS plan:

  1. Select Plan Creation Wizards in the Info menu.
  2. In the list of plans select Virtual Private Server plan wizard.
  3. On Step 1 of the wizard, give a name to the plan.
  4. Check necessary resources:
  • Logical Server Group: users under this plan will be created on the servers that belong to this logical servers group.
  • Summary Disk Usage: mandatory resource. Users will be charged for the actual disk space used.
  • VPS memory limit: check to restrict memory consumption by one VPS account.
  • VPS process limit: check to set the maximum number of simultaneous system processes.
  • Custom DNS Record: check to enable creating custom DNS records.
  • Click Next to proceed.
  • Step 2 shows the fields to enter free amount of resources necessary for the system to operate. On this page, you set BASE prices used to calculate prices for ACTUAL BILLING PERIODS.

    • Free: the amount of resources you grant users for free.
    • Setup Fee: charged when the user creates a new H-Sphere account.
    • Monthly Fee: charged once at the beginning of the billing period for the difference between the quota and the free units.
    • Usage Fee: charged at the end of each month of the billing period for the prorated amount used up beyond the limit.
  • Click Create to complete plan creation.
  • Once the VPS plan is created, go back to Plans in the INFO menu and turn the newly created plan ON for user signups.
  • If you want to create more payment periods for the plan, go to INFO -> Plans -> Settings and add as many payment periods as you need.
  • Now that the plan is created and enabled, users can sign up under this plan and navigate their control panels. It takes about 15 to 30 minutes to create a VPS resource, so make sure to notify your users about this delay before they can start using VPS.

    Related Docs:   VPS Server Configuration VPS Installation VPS User Manual

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