Updating Translation of H-Sphere Interface


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With every update of H-Sphere, your translation of the control panel interface becomes outdated, and you need to update translation in language bundles.

Note: H-Sphere developers are not responsible for adding languages to H-Sphere interface and updating translation of the default English bundles. It is entirely up to H-Sphere owners. All language bundle translations included into H-Sphere interface are kindly provided by our customers.

H-Sphere comes with a script that finds differences between two files - the new English file and its old translated version. This script, diff_labels.pl, is located in the ~cpanel/shiva/psoft/hsphere/lang/ default bundle directory.

To compare two files, do the following:

Step 1. Log into your CP server as the cpanel user.

Step 2. Go to the default bundle directory:

cd shiva/psoft/hsphere/lang/

Step 3. Execute the following command:

./diff_labels.pl hsphere_lang.properties /path/to/hsphere_lang_<LOCALE>.properties > /path/to/hsphere_lang_<LOCALE>.diff
./diff_labels.pl menu.properties /path/to/menu_<LOCALE>.properties > menu_<LOCALE>.diff
./diff_labels.pl messages.properties /path/to/messages_<LOCALE>.properties > /path/to/messages_<LOCALE>.diff

Here, /path/to/ is a path to language bundles in another language (they may not be located in the default bundle directory), <LOCALE> contains language, country and encoding identifier in accordance with language bundle filename format.

The tool will write all the differences between these updated default language bundles and their previous translation into the corresponding .diff files.

Step 4. Customize your language bundles by adding translated labels from the resulting .diff files.

Related Docs:   Introduction To Bundles Adding New Languages To H-Sphere

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