Adding Servers To H-Sphere Cluster


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As the number of your customers grows, you may find it necessary to add more boxes where you will place Web, mail, and other H-Sphere services. To add a server to H-Sphere cluster:


Step 1. Download Current Installer

  1. Log into the CP server as root.

  2. Check your current H-Sphere version:

    # cat ~cpanel/shiva/psoft_config/ | grep HS_VERSION

    Important: It is strongly recommended to update your H-Sphere to the latest stable build of your current H-Sphere version.

  3. Unpack the downloaded archive and cd into the installation directory:

    tar xfz <ARCHIVE_NAME>


Step 2. Collect your current configuration

Collect your current H-Sphere configuration:

# ./import


Step 3. Run the configuration wizard

Launch the configuration wizard to enter installation data:

# ./configure

In the configuration menu:

  1. add server with the 'a' command. You will be prompted to add the server's IP and mask. After that, it returns to the main configuration menu and you will see the server's IP in the list of physical servers;
  2. choose the newly added server by typing in its number in the list and pressing Enter. You will see the list of services that can be enabled/disabled for this server.
  3. to enable a service for the newly added server, type in the number of the required service. For example, to make the server a DNS server, press '3' corresponding to the "DNS server" option in the list of services. Then, type '-' to return to the server configuration menu. You will see the '+' mark in front of the "DNS server" option in the list of services which means this service is enabled for this server, i.e.:
    |-[3] [+] DNS Server
  4. When you type '-' and return to the main menu, you will see the service enabled in front of the new server's IP in the list of your servers, i.e.:
    |-[2] [DNS]
  5. Save configuration and exit with the 's' and 'q' commands from the main menu.


Step 4. Finish configuration

  1. Upload install scripts to the new server and configure SSH keys to access it:
    make add-server-ID
    where ID is the number of the new server you have saved.
  2. Login to the new server as root, then install and configure the new server:
    cd /hsphere/install
    make install
  3. Change back to the install directory on the control panel server and import server configuration to H-Sphere:
    make add-server-ID-import
    where ID is the number of the new server you have saved. Note: This will also stop the control panel for a few minutes.
    Alternatively to this step, you can manually add the new server from E.Manager in your admin control panel.


Notes on adding Web servers

H-Sphere WebBox apache suexec is configured to run users' cgi scripts only in the subtree /hsphere/local/home/.
If you need to add an extra HDD with new users, make sure you mount it inside the existing directory, for example: /hsphere/local/home/home2.
Warning: If you create users' homes outside the existing subtree, cgi scripts will fail to be executed.
Note: Make sure that all users have the fourth nesting level, for example:
/hsphere/local/home/user1 or

Step 5. Control Panel settings

Having performed all mentioned steps, you should follow the instructions about how to add servers in the H-Sphere control panel interface.

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