H-Sphere Documentation Administrator Guide


Adding Servers Step-By-Step


H-Sphere physical and logical servers are added and configured according to the following procedure:

  1. Add physical servers. Skip this if you install services to existing boxes.
  2. Create server groups if necessary.
  3. Add server groups to the new physical servers.
  4. Add logical servers (web, win, ns, mail, mysql) to the server groups.
  5. Add IPs to the new logical servers.
  6. Create service DNS zone if you don't have it. For instance, if you are adding mail.example.com logical server, make sure to have the example.com DNS zone.
  7. Create a new instant alias template.
  8. Add DNS A records for each logical server.
  9. Add DNS MX records for new mail logical servers:
    • Name: leave empty
    • Data: 10 / mail.zone_name   For example: 10 / mail.example.com
  10. Select mail server role for new mail servers.
  11. Enable user signup on these logical servers.


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