IP Migration (Changing IPs) For The H-Sphere Cluster

(updated for v.2.4)


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This document explains how to change IPs on Unix/Linux servers for H-Sphere 2.4.x. If you have an older version, please get updated first.


Changing IPs on Systems Without NAT

H-Sphere IP migration is performed by means of Java IP Migrator called by the IPMIGR wrapper available for download from the psoft.net website. IP Migrator will:

  • change H-Sphere physical, logical, and system IPs
  • update IPs in H-Sphere database
  • change IPs in the system files except network startup configuration
  • update IP-dependent resources such as apache, FTP and DNS

IP Migrator doesn't migrate NIC system files to avoid potential problems with server inaccessibility. These files must be migrated manually by the local administrator.


IP Migration Pre-Requisites

Before you begin IP migration, do the following changes, and don't forget to undo them after the migration:

  1. Add the following line to the very beginning of the /hsphere/shared/scripts/apache-reconfig script. This will prevent Apache from restarting gracefully after posting each web site configuration:
    exit 0
  2. (Skip this step for IP Migrator 0.3 and up) Add the following line to the very beginning of the /hsphere/shared/scripts/ip-shared script. This will protect the main H-Sphere IP.
    exit 0

After that, replace the IP on the main network interface to the new IP for all boxes, and set up the old IP as an alias for the new one;


eth0 Link encap:Ethernet HWaddr 00:D2:B5:A1:07:12
inet addr:[New_IP] Bcast:[New_Broadcast] Mask[New_NetMask]:
RX packets:269050319 errors:0 dropped:0 overruns:0 frame:11
TX packets:336024701 errors:0 dropped:0 overruns:19 carrier:0
collisions:0 txqueuelen:100
Interrupt:21 Base address:0x4000

eth0:0 Link encap:Ethernet HWaddr 00:D2:B5:A1:07:12
inet addr:[Old_IP] Bcast:[Old_Broadcast] Mask:[Old_NetMask]
Interrupt:21 Base address:0x4000

Important: If IP migration is performed within one datacenter, make sure that your servers can be accessed from the Internet at both old and new IPs. If you change to IPs outside your datacenter, it would take a downtime before you make your servers available on new IPs.


IP Migration Map File

Before you start IP migration, you may manually create an IP migration map file in the cpanel user home directory ~cpanel/. The file contains the list of old IPs to be migrated to new IPs. It can be either an XML file, or a plain text file of the following format:


Specify the mask in the third column only if it differs from the default mask ( for this particular IP. Otherwise, omit it.

Important: IP migration map file must have the cpanel:cpanel ownership! Either create it under the cpanel user, or run under root:


IP Migration Step By Step

The steps below are performed on the server with the Control Panel installed.

  1. Log into the CP server as root:
    # su -
  2. Download IP Migrator: The latest IP Migrator version is 0.3. If you have an older version, update it.
  3. Untar the archive:
    # tar -zxf IPMIGR-0.3.tgz
  4. Enter the IP Migrator directory:
    # cd IPMIGR
  5. Install the IP Migrator:
    # make install
    This will install the following files:
    • ~cpanel/ipmigrator - IP migrator itself
    • ~cpanel/IPMigratorFast.jar - makes H-Sphere related changes: in the system database, configs, etc.
    • ~cpanel/shiva/ipm/ipmigr - makes changes in service config files on H-Sphere servers
  6. Stop H-Sphere
  7. Back up H-Sphere system database
  8. Log in as the cpanel user
  9. Start H-Sphere
  10. Remove the following line from /hsphere/shared/scripts/apache-reconfig and from /hsphere/shared/scripts/ip-shared:
    exit 0
  11. If the IPs have been migrated successfully and all IP-dependent services seem to work fine, finish the migration by removing the old IPs. To remove the old IPs, run:
    ./ipmigrator --clear-old-ips --xml=<ipm_xml>

    Where <ipm_xml> is the IP migration map XML file that you used for the migration.



Changing External IPs on Systems With NAT

This section explains how to change your external IPs on a system using NAT (see details here). You may need to follow this instruction when you move to a different location and would like to preserve your internal IP settings.

  1. Change IPs in SiteStudio configs /hsphere/shared/SiteStudio/psoft_config/*. You can use a simple script:
    if [ $# = 0 ] ; then
                  echo $"Usage: changeip.sh OldIP NewIP"
                  exit 1
    for i in /hsphere/shared/SiteStudio/psoft_config/*.properties
    echo "Processing $i";
    echo ",s/$1/$2/g
    wq" | ed $i
  2. Change external IPs in httpd.conf on the web box.
  3. Restart H-Sphere
  4. Log in as the cpanel user and recreate zones with the dns creator:
    java psoft.hsphere.tools.DNSCreator -m db -dz


How do I get H-Sphere working on two sets of IPs?

If you would like to ensure smooth change of IPs and have everything duplicated on the old and new sets of IPs before making the switch, you need to do the following:

    On the Web box:

  1. Before the IP migration you need to copy the /hsphere/local/config/httpd/sites directory to /hsphere/local/config/httpd/sites.old to preserve your old client's apache configs.
  2. Go to /hsphere/local/config/httpd/sites.old and edit index.conf changing sites to sites.old (cd /hsphere/local/config/httpd/sites.old; perl -pi -e 's/sites/sites.old/' index.conf)
  3. Copy namevh.conf to namevh.old.conf
  4. Proceed with the IP migration.
  5. Add the following lines at the bottom of the /hsphere/local/config/httpd/httpd.conf file:
    Include /hsphere/local/config/httpd/sites.old/[0-9]*.conf
    Include /hsphere/local/config/httpd/namevh.old.conf
  6. On the DNS servers:

  7. Add your old DNS IPs to the /etc/named.conf config to force your DNS servers to listen to the old IPs.
  8. Bind your old IPs to the NIC on your servers.

Related Docs:   Winbox IP Management Tools IP Migration Map XML File

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