IP Migration Map XML File

(2.4 and up)


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IP migration map XML file contains the set of IPs to be replaced with new ones. This file must be created in the cpanel user home directory ~cpanel/ and must have cpanel:cpanel ownership.

This document explains alternative ways of creating ipmigration.xml.


Creating ipmigration.xml Manually

IP migration XML has the following format:

<?xml version="1.0"?>
<!DOCTYPE ips [
<!ELEMENT ips (ip+)>
<!ATTLIST ip new_mask CDATA "[New_NetMask]">
    <!-- Delete the lines with IPs you don't want to migrate! -->
    <ip name="[Old_IP1]" new_ip="[New_IP1]"/>
    <ip name="[Old_IP2]" new_ip="[New_IP2]"/>
    <ip name="[Old_IP3]" new_ip="[New_IP3]"/>
    <ip name="[Old_IP4]" new_ip="[New_IP4]" new_mask="[New_NetMask2]"/>

In the DTD header of the XML file, specify what attributes will be provided with each IP. Set [New_NetMask] to the default netmask value for new IPs:

<!ATTLIST ip new_mask CDATA "">

To set a different netmask for a particular IP, set the new_mask attribute in the ip tag for that IP. Otherwise, omit the new_mask attribute.

In the <ips> ... </ips> block, list all old-new IP pairs, including users' dedicated IPs. If you have specified the common netmask in the DTD header, you don't need to set it in the definition line for each individual IP:

<ip name="[Old_IP]" new_ip="[New_IP]" />

If you have set new mask in the DTD header to #REQUIRED, you need to specify the netmask parameter for each IP:

<ip name="[Old_IP]" new_ip="[New_IP]" new_mask="[New_NetMask]"/>

Related Docs:   IP Migration

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