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CP Cron (Background Jobs)

Along with the cron scripts that H-Sphere puts into its physical servers' crontabs, there are several background jobs that are executed by H-Sphere on the Control Panel server:

  • Accounting - does recurrent billing for end users
  • OverLimitCron - checks that the account is not going over the limit
  • ResellerCron - does billing for resellers
  • TrialCron - suspends expired trial accounts
  • RevenueCron - calculates summary billing info
  • ContentMovingCron - completes the process of moving user content
  • FailedSignupsCron - sends emails about failed signups (every 5 minutes)
  • TTAutocloseCron - closes trouble tickets answered certain time ago
  • VPSCron - queries the status of creating virtual servers (every 4 minutes)


CP Cron Configuration

H-Sphere Database

All those cron processes use the last_start table in the H-Sphere database. This table contains the following fields:

name varchar(20) NOT NULL PRIMARY KEY,
value timestamp,
last_user int8

When H-Sphere is restarted, those values are read from this table for each cron.
Field name - CP cron job name as in the list above
Field value - last time that cron was executed
Field last_user - user_id of the last user that was calculated with the cron (used only for accounting and overlimit).

Changing the launching time

(deprecated since HS 2.4)

      TIME is the actual time in the format YYYY-MM-DD:HH:MM:SS
      -05 in this example means hours of difference with GMT (Greenwich Mean Time); GMT-05 corresponds to EST (New York). For Central Europe, this value will be +01.
      NAME is the name of the cron job.

CP Cron XML Configuration Files

(HS 2.4 and up)

Background Job Manager

(version 2.4 and higher)

Background Job Manager is a utility that allows to enable, start and disable selected cron jobs from CP interface. Cron jobs are available from the Admin control panel, the Background Job System section.

Related Docs:   Background Job Manager (Admin Guide) Cron Scripts Across Servers

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