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Microsoft SQL Server Installation


MS SQL, like other commercial third party products, is purchased and installed separately from H-Sphere.

MS SQL Server is a fully Web-enabled database with the ability to query the database through a browser and rich Extensible Markup Language (XML) support. In addition, MS SQL Server holds benchmark records for scalability and reliability, both of which are crucial for the success of an enterprise database.

For extensive coverage of Microsoft SQL Server, please refer to www.microsoft.com/sql/default.asp

This document explains how to install MS SQL database software and integrate it with the H-Sphere system.

H-Sphere supports both Microsoft SQL 7.0 and Microsoft SQL 2000 servers.

MS SQL server can be installed on an H-Sphere Windows server. This means, the server must have H-Sphere Windows software installed and be added to the H-Sphere configuration.

  1. Buy a License package.
  2. Install MS SQL server following the directions of the installation wizard.
  3. Configure H-Sphere connection settings to work with MS SQL server.
    • If you already have MS SQL server and are installing H-Sphere, follow the Winbox Installation Wizard.
    • If H-Sphere was installed earlier and you are adding MS SQL server to it, set the following three values for MS SQL Server variables in the <HSPHERE_HOME_DIR>/script/conf.inc file on the Windows server:
      mssqlServer = IP of the MS SQL server if it works through TCP/IP or the server name if MS SQL uses pipe connection.
      mssqlHSLogin = a login with system adminitrator privileges for the MS SQL server. You can create this login by means of MS SQL Enterprise Manager. If there is any login registered earlier with the same privileges, you can use it, too.
      mssqlHSPasswd = password for this login.
  4. Go to SQL Server Properties -> Security and choose SQL Server Authentication and Windows Authentication to allow H-Sphere and your customers to access MS SQL server remotely.

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