Upgrading System Postgres


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If your PosgtreSQL version is lower than 7.3, please upgrade it to v. 7.3 first.

To check your PostgreSQL version:
  1. Log into your control panel server as root:
    su -
  2. Execute:
    psql --version


Update Features

  • PostgreSQL Security Release for 7.4.7
  • Postgres server and client software updates, including:
    • perl client library on all boxes (install if missing)
    • server software with data conversion to the current version format
    • FreeBSD eliminated PL/PgSQL parser vulnerability to buffer overflows.


Update Process

    The update:
  1. stops the Control Panel
  2. updates Postgres server
  3. restarts Control Panel with the new Postgres version.
    Note: If the script runs into an error on a user database server, you are notified of it, the script skips the box and turns to the next one. When you are through with the update, see recover-howto-eng.txt file to lean how to recover the box that hasn't got updated. When you fix the error, you'll need to update this box manually.

Update Procedure:

IMPORTANT: You are highly recommended to backup your databases into a directory other than Postgres home directory so you don't lose data if anything goes wrong.

  1. Log into your control panel server as root:
    su -
  2. Unpack the archive:
    tar -zxf u-pgsql-7.4.7.tar.gz
  3. Enter the unpacked directory:
    cd u-pgsql-7.4.7
  4. To upgrade all PostgreSQL servers, run the update.sh script:
    sh update.sh

    To run the script and view the messages that appeared during installation, run the following command:

    sh update.sh | tee update.log
    It will copy the messages to the log file.

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