Collecting Winbox Statistics

(version 2.4 and up)


Log Plugins

H-Sphere Winbox has the following log plugins installed:

  1. H-Sphere Web Log plugin: a standard log plugin for virtual host designed to calculate statistics info only. Besides, for a particular site it generates HTTP log files similar to W3C log format files in the site's log directory.

  2. H-Sphere Web Transfer Log plugin: can work instead of the Web Log plugin. It also implements the transfer log and AWStats log generating functionality beyond the standard behavior.

  3. H-Sphere Shared SSL Log plugin: used only on shared SSL sites.

  4. H-Sphere Guest FTP Log plugin: installed on the default FTP host to collect FTP statistics on account basis.

  5. H-Sphere FTP Log plugin: installed on each anonymous FTP site to collect FTP statistics on FTP site basis.

Please mind the restrictions common to all H-Sphere log plugins:

  1. all log files are rotated daily and there is no way to change this rotation period;
  2. log format settings can't be changed for H-Sphere log plugins;


Statistics Modules


Location: ...\HSphere.NET\bin\services\Services.Stats.dll

When HSphere.exe starts, it initializes Service.Stats.dll, a timer which invokes two threads daily at 00:01 AM:

  • the second thread rotates log files in ...\hslogfiles\: it analyzes every log file and, if a log was created more than a month ago, it moves that file to the archive of log files for that month. Archives are never rotated.


Location: ...\HSphere\bin\stats.exe.

Stats.exe normally runs daily at 00:01 AM. However, if HSphere.exe is restarted between 00:00 AM and 06:00 AM, Stats.exe will start together with H-Sphere.exe; the next day Stats.exe will run at 00:01 as usual.

Stats.exe does the following:

  1. it rotates the user's log files in the ...\home\<account_name>\log\<domain_name> directories. All log files created more then a week ago will be deleted.


Location: ...\HSphere\bin\wawrapper.exe.

WaWrapper.exe analyzes the webalizer.current files for each domain.

If the webalizer.current file is not corrupted, WaWrapper.exe creates a backup copy of it in the ...\HSphere\wawrapper directory and names it by the name of the domain where the webalizer.current resides.

If the webalizer.current file is corrupted, wawrapper.exe deletes it and restores the backup copy from ...\HSphere\wawrapper directory.

Then, it copies the files hostslist.txt, webalizer.conf, Webalizer.exe to the temp directory and executes Webalizer.exe for each group of records from the hostslist.txt file.

Webalizer is a third-party product installed apart of H-Sphere. Its target location is specified by customer during installation.

The number of records in each group is set by default to 1. You can change this value by adding the HostsInPackage parameter to the registry key HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\SOFTWARE\Psoft\HSphere\WaWrapper. The HostsInPackage value is unsigned integer.

Wawrapper.exe monitors Webalizer's read/write operations. If a period between read/write operations is greater than timeout, WaWrapper kills this webalizer process and all records in this group adds to the ...\Webalizer\errhostslist.txt file.

The default timeout is 60 seconds. You can change this value by adding the Timeout parameter to the registry key HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\SOFTWARE\Psoft\HSphere\WaWrapper. The Timeout value is unsigned integer, in seconds.

If Webalizer.exe returns an error code other than 0, all records in a group will be added to errhostslist.txt.

Important: With lots of statistics, it may take up to several days or even weeks for Webalizer.exe to process it. In such cases, some of the statistics may be lost.

Location: ...\HSphere\skeleton\AWStats\tools\ is an AWStats tool for automatic statistics processing on all domains for which the AWStats resource is turned on in CP. AWStats automatically rotates the processed records to the awstats.log files in domain log directories.

Module Log Files

Services.Stats.dll: ...\HSphere.NET\log\services\stats\stats.log
Stats.exe: ...\HSphere\logs\stats\*.*
WaWrapper.exe: ...\HSphere\logs\wawrapper\*.* ...\HSphere\skeleton\AWStats\common.log

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