H-Sphere VPS Versions

H-Sphere VPS 1.4-6

VPS Version Date Kernel Build H-Sphere Version Packages Reference
2.4 and up

kernel-freevps-1.5-7 and up
freevps-tools-1.4-5 and up

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Release Notes

New features and improvements:

  • Implemented job locking into virtual servers update script to prevent other tasks from running at the same time
  • Packages/templates recommended for upgrade (e.g. quota package) added to virtual servers update script
  • Included additional devices into virtual server creation stage
  • Devices enabled for virtual server are stored as BLOCK_DEV and CHAR_DEV parameters in VPS and H-Sphere VPS configuration (this allows to enable them during virtual server start)
  • Added separate hsphere-vps-templates package to operating systems distributive packages list (templates required for virtual server installation)


  • CP+ version 3.0.1
  • CentOS release 3.7 (Final)
  • White Box Enterprise Linux release 3.0 (Liberation Respin 3)

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