Adding H-Sphere Servers and Services


Adding H-Sphere Servers and Services Request

To add servers and H-Sphere services without Positive Software support assistance, please refer to the following manuals:

Adding Servers and Services (HS 2.5 and up)
Adding Servers (HS before 2.5)
Adding Services (HS before 2.5)


H-Sphere VPS Box Installation Request

Install an H-Sphere VPS box according to instructions on our site.

To have VPS box installed by Psoft:

  1. For H-Sphere VPS 1.4-x and up, preferred OS of future virtual servers according to the compatibility table:

    Hosts OS Available virtual server OS(s)
    WBEL4 WBEL4, RHEL4, CentOS4
    CentOS4 CentOS4, RHEL4, WBEL4
    RHEL4 RHEL4, CentOS4, WBEL4
    RHEL3 RHEL3, CentOS3, WBEL3
    CentOS3 CentOS3, RHEL3, WBEL3
    WBEL3 WBEL3, RHEL3, CentOS3


    WBEL4 - White Box Enterprise Linux release 4
    WBEL3 - White Box Enterprise Linux release 3
    CentOS4 - CentOS release 4.x
    CentOS3 - CentOS release 3.x
    RHEL4 - Red Hat Enterprise Linux AS/ES/WS release 4
    RHEL3 - Red Hat Enterprise Linux AS/ES/WS release 3

    Red Hat Linux 7.3 and Trustix Secure Linux 2.2 are no longer supported.


Installing Load Balanced Web/Mail Cluster Request

You may install load balanced Web or mail cluster yourself.

When requesting a LB cluster installation please provide the support with the following additional information:

  • Filer's (NAS) IP
  • Path to the Filer's Web and/or mail content storage
  • Load Balancer's external IP and its corresponding internal IP on the master Web/mail server
  • Internal IPs on each slave server.
  • In case of dedicated hosting, specify external dedicated IPs, their corresponding internal master server IPs and slave server IPs

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