H-Sphere VPS Versions

H-Sphere VPS 1.5-1

VPS Version Date Kernel Build H-Sphere Version Packages Reference
2.4 and up

kernel-freevps-1.5-8 and up
freevps-tools-1.4-6 and up

Release Notes

Major Innovations

  • H-Sphere VPS is released under the GNU General Public License (GPL) license
  • Implemented x86_64 platform support for Red Hat Enterprise Linux 3/4, CentOS 3/4, White Box Enterprise Linux 3/4, Fedora Core 3

New Features and Improvements:

  • Perl POD structured documentation added for all scripts and some modules
  • H-Sphere VPS scripts man pages are generated and installed into host
  • Implemented Virtual Private Server (per context) capabilities management
  • Implemented Virtual Private Server (per context) flags management
  • Added separate 'hsphere-scripts' package for H-Sphere Control Panel related scripts
  • Added post install scriplets to update and configure the host automatically after 'hsphere-vps' package installation
  • Improved package description in hsphere-vps.spec (H-Sphere VPS package RPM .spec file)
  • Hardware platform is shown in host system info.
  • Added new options like [--help], [--?], [--man] to print H-Sphere VPS scripts usage message or manual page


  • CP+ 3.1.1
  • Trustix Secure Linux release 2.2 (Sunchild) templates packages and distributive locations list
  • All supported operating system templates and distributive locations list
  • Generated x86_64 templates and distributive locations list
  • Disabled configuration of VPS's /etc/resolv.conf file during update


  • for TRUSTIX22:
    - Disabled RPM-GPG-KEY key import
    - removed --nosignature option while check TRUSTIX RPMs for corrupted
    - services configuration on default runlevels added
    - ssh is configured with PermitRootLogin option to enable root login to the VPS
  • Fixed bug that took place when determining new virtual context during virtual server migration
  • All additional templates (not base) installed under freevps shield to prevent various packages scriplet execution on host system
  • Added /sysfs mountpoint into VPS's /etc/fstab configuration file for operating systems based on kernel 2.6
  • Disabled posting creation requests for VPS that is scheduled for removal to prevent collisions with VPS creation/removal.

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