Apache 1.3.31 Update

H-Sphere Apache 1.3.31 is out, and all owners of H-Sphere 2.3.2 and 2.4 are strongly recommended to upgrade. The update also includes PHP v.4.3.6 for H-Sphere web servers. The procedure is performed on the CP server and updates all web servers automatically.

Note: This update fixes a problem with FrontPage in Apache 1.3.31-10 and a mod_ssl vulnerability in Apache 1.3.31-11. Those who have already installed apache 1.3.31-10 or 1.3.31-11, please download and install this update.


Make sure to meet these requirements before you start the upgrade. This is important!

CP Server:
hsphere-cpanel-apache-1.3.29-x installed.

Web Server:
- hsphere-apache-webbox-1.3.29-9 installed
- MySQL4x installed if you have a MySQL server running on the same box
- PHP 4.3.4 with MySQL4x support installed

WARNING: If you have custom php modules installed on H-Sphere WEB boxes, don't forget to back them up before upgrading the software. After the upgrade, set them back up and restart the service.


  1. Log into your control panel server as root:
    su -
  2. Unpack the archive:
    tar -zxf u-apache-1.3.31.tgz
  3. Enter the unpacked directory:
    cd u-apache-1.3.31
  4. Run the update:
    sh update.sh

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