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Slated for 2.5 RC 2

This package includes changes to support load balancing in the new 2.5 H-Sphere branch.

Improvements and Fixes:

  • modified apache startup files - pid file is identical with that of the httpd.conf file (important for update automation in load balancing environment).
  • added clfmerge and related utilites from logtools distribution to apply the new apache log rotation scheme in load balancing environment.


19 Jan 2006

This package is a CP and Web&Mail; servers' update, which eliminates vulnerability found in PHP.



This package is based on Apache 1.3.34 version.

Improvements and Fixes:

  • httpd.conf file optimized by splitting it into separate files and combining it via the Include directives
  • Using all apache modules as a loadable DSO
  • Adding mod_psoft_traffic and mod_accounting-0.5 DSO. First to be used as a replacement tool for web traffic calculation.

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