Improvements in Managing H-Sphere System Packages

(version 2.5 and up)


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H-Sphere 2.5 introduces significant changes in managing operating system packages installed with H-Sphere. The ultimate goal is to make H-Sphere installation modular, its packages independent and self-configurable, and to use standard package managers like yum, up2date, apt-get, or swup, for scheduled updates of H-Sphere services, instead of running occasional update scripts or updating H-Sphere versions. Read more about what's new in H-Sphere updater in 2.5 and up.

Check change logs for major packages installed with H-Sphere.


Common Improvements

All packages are rebuilt to meet the new requirements:

  • Included post-install and pre-remove scripts wherever required;
  • Provided information about static dependencies;
  • Conformed to package code name conventions;
  • Optimized package list;
  • All packages are made self-configured, with possibility to start/stop/restart corresponding services.


New Common Packages


hsphere-info package installs the /hsphere/shared/bin/hsinfo script on each server. The script collects information about about this server into the /hsphere/shared/etc/config.xml file. This XML file contains information about physical and logical server names, ids, IPs; system zones; current H-Sphere version, etc.


hsphere-update is installed on each server. It is used by H-Sphere updater to update H-Sphere and its particular packages and to add new H-Sphere physical and logical servers.


Now H-Sphere scripts installed in the /hsphere/shared/scripts directory are now built as a single hsphere-scripts package.


hsphere-utils installs some useful utilities like logrotate, unzip, gzip, pidof to each H-Sphere server.


Now a single hsphere-perl package includes all Perl modules coming with H-Sphere. This package can work with the Perl version in H-Sphere release and also supports 2 latest Perl versions.

During the package installation the respective script automatically chooses the current Perl version. Thus, hsphere-perl makes it easier to update Perl without any compatibility issues, and enables system OS package managers to install and include any set of Perl modules in a respective distributive.


Changes in Service Packages

Apache and PHP

The hsphere-apache-webbox Web server package is now split into separate Apache and PHP packages.

  • hsphere-apache is installed on Web servers, but the same package is used and shared by mail (for Webmail), MySQL (for PhpMyAdmin), and PostgreSQL (for PhpPgAdmin) services. The current version is hsphere-apache-1.3.34-1.

Mail Server

All mail packages are rebuilt for H-Sphere 2.5:

  • Mail Service: new generation hsphere-mail-service-4-x packages have the same features as the latest hsphere-mail-service-3-x rebuilt for HS 2.5 and up
  • Webmail: hsphere-webmails-h2.5-x-x packages are the same as the the latest hsphere-webmails-x-x rebuilt for HS 2.5 and up
  • IMAP: hsphere-imap-h2.5-x.x.x-x packages are the same as the the latest hsphere-imap-x.x.x-x rebuilt for HS 2.5 and up

Bind 9

H-Sphere 2.5 and up cancels support for Bind 8.x. Bind 9 package has undergone some essential changes. See hsphere-bind Changelog for details.


Third-Party Products Installed as H-Sphere Packages

For the sake of easy update of third-party products, they are built as H-Sphere packages and updated to ensure support of PHP 5 which handles objects in a principally new way. Packages:

  • hsphere-phpmyadmin
  • hsphere-phppgadmin
  • hsphere-awstats
  • hsphere-oscommerce
  • hsphere-phpBB

The following third-party packages are re-built as H-Sphere packages to avoid possible conflicts:

  • hsphere-aspell
  • hsphere-rsync



SiteStudio is now installed to H-Sphere and updated by means of the packages:

  • hsphere-sitestudio-core - imaker and SiteStudio related configs.
  • hsphere-sitestudio-templates - package with SiteStudio templates.

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