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Fixes and improvements:

  • Fixed exclude list formation - important for HS update packages will be ignored.
  • If your package version is higher than 1.1-5, downgrade is skipped by default. If you still want to downgrade, run H-Sphere updater with the strict option.
  • Added OsCommerse and phpBB packages to CP box
  • Prevented bind update, when dns zone duplication takes place for bind 8.x.
  • Minor bug fixes



Fixes and improvements:

  • Added PostgreSQL update into hspackages
  • Implemented user name change for User/Group directive in httpd.conf file for cpanel apache after hsphere-cpanel-apache-1.3.34-3 update.
  • Fixes in mnogosearch conversion procedure.
  • Added custom config file templates management.
  • Implemented mailing list convertion procedure to support Surfmail Web interface for mailing lists.
  • Enabled additional script execution to fix log format problem for Urchin Web statistics.



Fixes and improvements:

  • Excluded quota check/enabling for NFS partitions (important for HS clusters with shared disk storage, like NetApp etc.).
  • Added dot-qmail file convertion procedure to provide more correct delivery shcheme for mailboxes.
  • VPS box identified by adding add/update procedure for it.
  • Enabled mailing activation with archiving. Provided indexing for WWW archive access.



Fixes and improvements:

  • For FreeBSD 4.x, it now allows updating perl from versions below 5.8.5 (except for 5.8.0) to 5.8.5. Before it updated only from a version below 5.6.1.
  • Extended functionality of the scripts to be used for IP migration. The scripts will use a fast IPMigrator for HS 2.5.

Packages Since 2.5

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