Allocating Physical Servers to Resellers

2.3.4 Beta 2 and higher


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H-Sphere introduces Allocated Servers which allows assigning physical servers to resellers so their end users' homes are created on it.

To allocate a physical server to a reseller:

  1. Make sure it meets all of the following requirements:
    • physical server is assigned both WEB, MAIL and MySQL server groups
    • physical server is associated with unused Web, Mail and MySQL logical servers
  2. Go to E.Manager ->Allocated Servers. You will be taken to the page listing all your physical servers that meet the above requirements in the Search Results section:
  3. Click Assign Server to Plan (the Controls section) for the physical server you are allocating.
  4. On the page that you'll be taken to, choose the reseller plan which you want to make this server available for:
    If you did everything correctly, the allocated server's state in the Search Results table will change from Unassiged to Available. This means the server is ready to be taken by reseller.

Related Docs:   Placing Resellers on Separate Boxes

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