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H-Sphere Package Updater for H-Sphere 2.4.3 Branch

(since H-Sphere 2.4.3 Patch 11)

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Last modified: 18 May 2006


Before running the updater, please update Apache, MySQL, PostgreSQL, and mail service packages and run some other possible security patches. See Patches&Updates for latest available versions.

Starting with 2.4.3 Patch 11, some third party packages are updated separately of the H-Sphere update script by means of the special updater. Here is the list of these packages:

  • some packages already present for 2.4.3 branch:
    • hsphere-bind
    • hsphere-ftp
    • hsphere-rsync
    • hsphere-sudo
    • hsphere-webshell
  • some third party packages that in earlier 2.4.3 versions had been updated as tarballs and were first introduced as packages in H-Sphere 2.5:
    • hsphere-awstats
    • hsphere-oscommerce
    • hsphere-phpBB
    • hsphere-phpmyadmin
    • hsphere-phppgadmin
  • packages introduced in H-Sphere 2.5 and up and required by latest hsphere-webshell:
    • hsphere-perl
    • hsphere-utils

Important: These packages are now excluded from the list of packages automatically updated by H-Sphere 2.4.3 update script. You should run this package updater to update them. See the package updater's changelog for the latest updates.

To run the package updater:

  1. Log into CP server as root.

  2. Download the latest package updater using wget under Linux and fetch under FreeBSD.

  3. Untar the package updater:

    tar xfz pkgupdates-hs243-x.tar.gz

    where x is the package updater's version.

  4. Enter the directory with the package updater:

    cd pkgupdates-hs243-x

  5. Run the update script:
    Format extened for update since pkgupdates-hs243-2 and up.

    sh update [ help | private | list | [[ only | exclude ]{ package1_name, package2_name, ... }]]


  • help - dislpay this help massage;
  • private - use packages list for private update;
  • list - list of all the packages included in chosen update;
  • only - update only specified packages (default);
  • exclude - skip the specified packages from the update packages list;
  • For example, to exclude hsphere-utils from the update, execute:

sh update exclude hsphere-utils

Related Docs:   Latest H-Sphere *nix Packages (2.4+) Package Updater ChangeLog H-Sphere Updater (2.5+)

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